(c) Antonia Manhartsberger

Antonia Manhartsberger

Was born 1991 in Innsbruck. After finishing her studies of musicology at the University of Vienna, she is currently studying Computer Music at the Institute of Electronic Music in Graz (IEM). In her artistic and scientific work she mainly focuses on the spatialisation of sound, considering its perceptive and aesthetic facets. In her performative works she examines social and political questions and their creative mediation. Her works include art-installations, multimedia-performances, fixed-media pieces, radio-play scoring and live-electronics. She performs electronic music in various constellations, like the post-pre No future Band Frau Sammer and as DJ Auto. She is the founder and curator of “pla-e-ground”, a regular electronic jam session happening in Graz.


  • composer, media artist