Beatrice S. Raith

Architecture student based in Graz. After gaining her bachelors degree and doing a semester abroad at TU Delft, Netherlands, where she learned about social issues regarding housing she is currently finishing her master degree at TU Graz. Since 2019 she works as a student assistant at Institute of Spatial Design at TU Graz, focussing on the theoretical aspect of spatial perception. She sees architecture as a transdisciplinary field which consists of technological, spatial, creative and social aspects. During her work at architecture firms she learned about the challenge to take all these aspects into account during the design process. When she’s not producing architecture with her head and her hands, she likes to train her feet on long distance hiking trails. There she learns about the comfort of perceiving a steadily changing landscape at a human pace and is assured in her assumption that borders mostly just exist in our heads.

  • architect