Bettina Landl

She studied Art History and Philosophy, published in magazines (artmagazine, ApresPerf, Blok, gat, LICHTUNGEN, manuskripte, perspektive et al.), anthologies („der topologische rand“, in: wo warn wir? ach ja: Junge österreichische Gegenwartslyrik by Limbus 2019) and in broadcasting. Transdisciplinary work, phenomenological research, focusing on projects which deal with space, body and text. Residencies and awards: Studio-External Scholarship of the Departement of Styria, Zagreb 2019; Artists' Symposium ORTung 2019; Literature Prize by the City of Graz 2019; Wiener Werkstattpreis 2018 and zwischen/miete Poetry Prize 2018.

  • artist, author, curator, scientist