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Christina Schultz

Christina Schultz is a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist, rooted in projects with a collaborative approach. Her main interest is to discover and learn about what concerns people. Born on february the 5th, in Munich, Germany 1972. She is a long term artist in residency at hangar.org, center for artistic production and investigation in Barcelona, Spain. From march 2017 she is a student at the Independent Study Program at the MACBA (The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art).


She is autodidact, which means that she learned everything in collaborations with talented people, organizations and companies such as: Daniel Canet, software engineer, Claudia Giralt Monedero, digital design student, Les Salonnières, art collective, Clara Garí, curator at “Nau Côclea”, Editorial Gustavo Gili, Loring Art Library and everybody who took part in my actions.