Christoph Haag

**2007** he graduated from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with the diploma thesis  "Archi(v)tectures, Appropriate Texts". Since **2008** he runs the design studio LAFKON Publishing together with B.Stephan. Currently living in Augsburg, Germany. Since **2007** ongoing research regarding the possibilities of free/libre/open source methodologies and technologies within  graphic design contexts, both in theory and practice. Within this context he was commissioned projects for institutions that share interests in related issues, like the **Linux  Audio Conference**  (DE), the **`make art`** festivals (FR/NL), ****  including their **AMRO/LiWoLi** meetings (AT), **Constant** — Association for  Art and Media (BE) or the **Medialab Prado** (ES).

  • design artist