(c) Constanza Mendoza

Constanza Mendoza

Mendoza’s initial disciplines of sculpture and photography are still essential tools within her process. Her recent works deal with economies of the desires (The Displacement), politics of perception (Dance of Paradoxes), multiplicity and animism (The Monkey Woman), exile and memory (Alma Project), as well architectures of necropolitcs (Unterstadt). Mendoza has exhibited extensively in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, San Sebastián, Margareth Harvey Gallery, London, Kunst im Untergrund NGBK, Berlin (2008), Instituto Cervantes Berlin (2012), Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (2009). She co-initiated the research collective Laboratorio de Pensamiento Lúdico (Laboratory of Ludic Knowledge) occupied to expand games as a methodology to dilute knowledge's disciplines; and Extracted Bodies-Corporeal Grounds, collective that addresses ‘extractivism’ as both a dominant regime of value production and as lived corporeal ground.