by Udo Stelzer

Gernot Tutner

From disco to noise. Since 2000 Gernot Tutner (aka Henry Bootz) is active as dj, liveperformer, organizer in the local electronic music scene in Graz. While working at the institute for electronic music and acoustic at Art University of Graz (2003-2006), he started to explore experimental and improvisational electronic music in collaboration with Seppo Gründler, IOhannes Zmölnig or Winfrid Ritsch. 2004 he founded the music collective 'moonbootz recordings', which is a label for club music events. At that time he began with computer based live performances. Live he likes to collaborate with musicians: Technoproject 'liquid Rotz” with Gerald Schauder (aka Kabelton) or with Elisabeth Schimana and Norbert Math in A/V-Project 'Dope Beat Rosengarten'. Since 2006 he is part of the organisazing team of V:NM festivals.
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