©Sally Bozzuto

L' Erse

Goldjian is the founder of L'ERSE project. L'ERSE (Esthétique Relationnelle des Systèmes d'Exploitation) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary project which looks at the relational aesthetics of operating (exploitation) systems. In short, the project denounces how our mainstream colonial and technocapitalist system is exploiting other humans, lifes, the planet and her ecosystem within a beautifully designed and effective marketing frame. L'ERSE, in French, also refers to a knot, a loop, something we are caught in. After 5 years of critical research and creation, the project is taking a new affirmative turn. Inspired by visionary fiction, decolonial love and feminist hacking, the project is looking forward to meeting, gathering, linking feminist, spiritual, decolonial hackers of "capitalocene", to form a powerful, desirable, future-compatible CONSTELLATION.