Marusia Ionova

Marusia Ionova - actress and musician from Kyiv. Graduated from Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema And Television University. In the year of 2016 she joined CCA (Center of Contemporary Arts) Dakh, a first independent theater and music venue in Kyiv led by Vladislav Troitsky. The same year she became a member of TseSho project - a social rave band, that explores the problems and challenges of human in modern society. At the beginning of the pandemic together with actress Nadiia Golubtsova she created a music project Mariia&Magdalyna, project which main focuses on researching different texts, translating them into a musical-recitative, theatrical form, deciphering the code, looking for a form in which words will be heard as meanings. In 2021 made performative musical mass based on the texts of the Bible together with electronic musician Gosh. 2022 together with electronic musician krkrk made „Human?“ - a musical trip: a combination of diaries written daily during the war and texts from the Bible.