Michael Fischer

MICHAEL FISCHER, musician-composer in the range of experimental improvised music and noise, working on the speech-immanence of sound textures on the saxophone, violin, soundscapings and on instant composition conductings (term M.F.), since 1999 on the implications of the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback, elaborating the feedback_saxophone. Since mid of the 90ies he has collaborated with significant artists of the international improvised music scene. Concerts, performances, festival appearances throughout Europe, Lebanon, USA, Canada and Japan. Besides BAGG*FISH and M.A.D. he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (2004) working as instant composition conductor also with international improvising orchestras, large groups, choirs; collaborations with significant austrian poets since 2005; guest-lectures at The Johns Hopkins University Maryland, Univ. f. Angewandte Kunst Wien, Univ. f. Architektur Vaduz, Bruckner Univ. Linz.
  • musician