The musicians Didi Bruckmayr and Sigi Aigner work together since the beginning of the 90's. At that time, both become famous names as singers of the notorious Performance-Band “Fuckhead”. Since 2008 the duo is performing under the name “Mussurunga”, and enthused the audience with their audiovisual experiments, in Clubs, White Cubes or in theaters. The aim of the Live-Sets is, to generate a connection to the subconsciousness of the audience. This happens with associative text figures, composed spontaneous by Didi Bruckmayr: he bring together fragments of Burroughs short storys. Aigner highlight these surreal monologue with a collage of digital sound and organic rhythms. Deep bass lines, drones and eccentric 3D-objects generates a atmosphere, that is to compare with an dreamlike adventure.
  • musician