Nicolas Maigret

NICOLAS MAIGRET (FR) is an artist, curator, and educator. He is currently visiting researcher at the University of California, Irvine (2019). He is the recipient of a fellowship at V2_ Rotterdam (2018-2020), a research fellowship at UCL Louvain (2018), the First Prize for Digital Arts from Arte Laguna (2016) and the Award for Artistic Technology Research in Vienna (2015).


Nicolas exposes the internal workings of media, through an exploration of their dysfunctions, limitations or failure thresholds which he develops into immersive and critical artworks. In 2012, he initiated, a working group at the intersection of contemporary art, research and hacking. The collective develops situations of disruption, speculation and debate challenging dominant techno-positivist ideologies and stimulating post-growth narratives. They edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy. Their research includes artworks, curation and publications.

  • activist, media artist, sound artist