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Norman T. White

”I’m an artist, sort of“, says Norman White. He is an artist who taught himself electronics when, after having decided to do robotic works, discovered that electronics was not trivial. His ideas on art are expressed through statements like these: “Art should concern itself as much with behavior as it does with appearance. Some of the best art happens when behavior and appearance are completely at odds with each other. Economy of means is a critical part of aesthetics. Art functions best, and is most needed, outside of galleries and museums.” White has worked with machines of many kinds, and has generated many robotic installations since the late 1960s. A considerable number of them, but not all, involve computers. His work often shows an ironic scepticism towards fundamental characteristics and ideologies of Western society. He likes to address and involve the beholder. He tries to remain independent of accepted norms of how he should behave, as an artist and as a citizen in general.
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