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Pavel Fajt

Since the mid-'80s, Pavel Fajt has been one of the most prominent musicians in the Czech alternative rock scene. Born in 1957 in Brno, Fajt got seriously involved with music rather late. He began to work as a composer of music for dance and theater in the early '80s and started as a professional musician in 1983.
In the same year he co-founded Dunaj, promising to quickly become the mother of a new rock scene in Czechoslovakia, its siblings populating the catalog of the record label Indies. In 1985, Fajt began to collaborate with singer/violinist Iva Bittova. This project yielded a couple of critically acclaimed albums in the late '80s; took the duo around Europe, America, and Japan; and attracted the attention of Fred Frith, who performed with both of them at the 1988 MIMI Festival (France).
His current international project is the Mia Zabelka Trio (Zabelka, Frisch, Fajt) and Gurdjieff project together with piano player and singer Oona Kastner.


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