Rdeča Raketa, Foto: zoe*fotografie

Rdeča Raketa

Rdeča Raketa (Red Rocket) is the duo of Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander, both internationally active musicians and composers based in Vienna. Having both worked with abstract improvisation, contemporary classical compositions and with backgrounds in various other musical genres, Rdeča Raketas main topic is electroacoustic improvisation. In the last years they have released the tape Old Girl Old Boy on Mosz Records (2010) the critically acclaimed LP Wir werden on god records 2013. Rdeča Raketa has also focused on creating new music for silent movies (commissioned by the Filmarchiv Austria and Slovenska Kinoteka Ljubljana) and have developed the historical road movie "Traversing the Balkan” in cooperation with Karl Wratschko (Filmarchiv Austria).   Rdeča Raketa´s most recent projects include the music for Vita Osojniks choreography “Random acts of kindness” (2015), the soundtrack for the Austrian feature film One of us (by Stephan Richter).
  • composer, musician