René Mahieu, Foto by Younes Bouadi

René Mahieu

is an economist at the Institute of Human Obsolescence, investigating the demise of the economic role of humans in the production process and it’s social and political consequences. He is a PhD candidate in the Economics and Governance of Online Privacy at Delft University of Technology, researching the future of privacy in a world where personal data is becoming the dominant economical asset. As an activist, he is board member of Noodzaak, an NGO that provides housing for undocumented migrants through a new cooperative model, by sharing the use of otherwise vacant space, by migrants and active citizens. He writes on socio-political issues and participates in movements such as Artists in Occupy Amsterdam. He has been the CEO of a family business and studied Economics at Netspar at Tilburg University and Philosophy of Economics at Erasmus University, The Netherlands, and has been a visiting scholar at London School of Economics Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS).