Robert Lepenik

studied classical guitar with prof. heinz irmler. early rock and experimental projects: blue monkey's food, music for the people at the red lake. experiences with improvisation and electronic music: picknick mit weismann, kien. publications, concerts and tours with bands like “THE STRIGGLES”, “FETISH 69”, “THE GITARREN DER LIEBE”, “MELVILLE”, “LALELOO”, “DAS FOTOGENE GEDÄCHTNIS”, “FRAN SANCISCO”, “KAP/LEP”, “VIENNA LOOP ORCHESTRA”, “PICKNICK MIT WEISMANN”,... member of artist collectives “TONTO” and “crew8020_music”. Publications under his own name, interpreter of new music compositions, curator of many film series. music for theatre and movie. Winner of many important theatre prices e.g. stella 13 for his music “der fuchs der den verstand verlor”. Co-publisher of “Rockmusik in der Steiermark 1959 bis 1975”. 2013 premiere “Es Machina Dei” (together with winfried ritsch) at musikprotokoll in graz.
  • musician