Multimediale Installationen

Firstly: it is intended to show creative works that are marked by the conceptualisation of the theoretical frames as well as the conceptualisation of production procedures and innovating interfaces used for interactive communication in real time. This is no longer merely an informational paradigm but also a systemic one, for the authors are not merely acquainted with the new technologies but also with the construction of programme modules. A special production group was established for every individual project. Apart from the initiator, who was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, the group also included students from the Laboratory for Computer Vision at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology under the mentorship of Prof Dr Franc Solina. Works created in this way are thus a result of successful connecting and networking between the artistic and scientific fields, or, we could say the merge of the humanistic and natural sciences. This places the video and new media studies at the Academy of Fine Arts as the leading course for young artists in new media practices, who successfully participate in exhibitions and festivals of techno art at home and abroad. 

Secondly: this knowledge and experience should enable the students to competently broaden their artistic concepts also into the public spaces of the digital society. Their works are the new avant-garde, a collection of new ideas and imagination. This is no longer merely a paradigm of the social environment, but has also become the intermediary space of interpretational, critical and discourse-socialisation approaches. This is especially important in the strategy of changing our cultural environment, which is defined by the embodied social practice entities that were especially present in the 1990's and that could indeed be much more backward in their frustration loop than the works of classic media - such as painting and sculpturing - that emerge with a reason. 

And thirdly, the importance of the diffused goals that these works and strategies brought forth by the digital generation, whose main wish is to communicate and thus enable other and different readings. 

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