FH Joanneum


29/01/2020 to 01/02/2020


Thursday, 30.1.2020 - 2 - 6pm

Friday, 31.1.2020 - 2 - 6pm

Saturday, 1.2.2020 - 2 - 6pm


Wednesday, 29. January 2020 - 19:00

A project by Master studies Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design of FH JOANNEUM, Graz

"In this interdisciplinary design exhibition, we will show selected works that were made during our time at the FH JOANNEUM. The title of our exhibition, ECHO, originates from the thought that every design generates a resonance, a reaction from people. Just like an echo spreading out and changing, we want our projects to be seen and heard, but also to be interpreted, reassesed and discussed."

ECHO is an interdisciplinary design exhibition showcasing projects that we worked on during our time at FH JOANNEUM, combining them with a common context. The scientific definition of echo is a reflection, originally of sound. We expanded the term and developed a concept that is based on the simple idea, that every design creates its very own resonance. When creative works are being displayed, their interpretation alters depending on the recipient. Just like the echo expands and changes its structure while bouncing off objects, we want people to reassess and reinterpret our ideas, making the otherwise auditory effect visible with design.



Opening: Wednesday, 29.1.2020, 7pm



FH Joanneum Masterstudiengangs "Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design"