Reflective Mind


02/06/2005 to 10/06/2005


Thursday, 2. June 2005 - 19:00


MP is the acronym of the names of two artists who started working together in January 2003 and who willingly decided to reject personal histories, names and previous media of expression. MP are focused on the study of mutual expression, primarily through the physical (performance) and the meditative (picture/text/objects). They also work in digital media such as video and the Internet, sometimes in combination with different materials like glass and ceramic. The works that MP create are tied to the place, time duration and physical/meditative context in which the personal experience of intimacy and privacy is reflected on the universality of comprehension through public performance. MP concentrate primarily on their art expression without paying attention to date and time, doing so only if it is important for their art. The titles of their works are always in code, whereby the media of expression, number of work and title are indicated. The strategy of works of MP is based on the striving for expression of personal intimacy through universal legibility and vice versa.