In Concert: Artistic Research in Practice

Roxanne Dykstra / Joel Diegert / Susanne Fröhlich
Tuesday, 23. May 2017 - 19:00 to 22:30
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Three musicians, three instruments, in three different approaches, present their work exploring possibilities in music as part of their research residencies at the doctoral school of the University of Art Graz. The evening includes three lecture-recitals, which can be discussed, questioned and commented through an open podium discussion afterwards. Because of the international reputation of the doctoral programme, the concert will be held in English.


--Doctoral Candidates--

Roxanne Dykstra: Experimental Transcriptions: Exploring the Possibilities for the Violist-Transcriber

Joel Diegert: Extending the Saxophone via Live Electronics

Susanne Fröhlich: The Recorder in the 21st century - the Helder Tenor at the Intersection of Research and Practice