Labyrinth der Sprachen

Foto: Concha Jerez, © esc medien kunst labor
Sunday, 29. October 2017 - 22:45
Ö1 Kunstradio Live-Übertragung 23:03 - 24:00
Produktion esc medien kunst labor
  • Performance
  • Radiosendung

The work we propose emerges as a superposition of layers of memory, since it takes into account different stages of a common work.


Each work of the series Labyrinth of Languages is developed in a specific space. From this space, the live intervention of three broadcasters and several recordings, the work is developed as a labyrinthic relationship of languages in a real, virtual, mental space and time.


In the course of the performance, Concha Jerez would move through the space; also the audience can freely move in the space; throughout the work, José Iges would incorporate other sound materials and control the acoustic spatialization of the ensemble.


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Ö1 Kunstradio und Forum Stadtpark

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