Saturday, 24. September 2016 - 14:30


24/09/2016 to 18/11/2016
© Stefanie Wuschitz_Feelers

The two helmets made from bamboo serve as shelters from distracting outside influences. Their feelers transfer data from the outside environment to the inside of the helmet.

The umbrella topic of this exhibition (‘destroy’) calls for ways to interact within a hostile environment. These solid wood helmets shield the users’ eyes and ears against violence or impact, yet narrow down the user’s ability to move. Bamboo feelers on both sides of the helmets allow the user to sense far away incidents. The sensors on both sides of the feelers carefully collect data. Microcontrolers transfer this sensor data from the outside to the inside of the helmet, but not vice versa. This way these helmets serve as shelters from outside influences, become an armour and weapon.
  • Foto: Alexandra Gschiel, © esc medien kunst labor