In Flight

(c) esc mkl_In Flight_by Kathy Hinde_Distant Skies:Pressure Waves

Developed especially for esc medien kunst labor, the installation In Flight presents a flock of cyborg-like origami birds. Suspended from the ceiling, they appear to be gliding off towards the distant worlds depicted in the background. Video


Between the opposing forces of nature and technology, In Flight can also be interpreted as a metaphor: with the application of new technologies, to what extent will our bodies become cyborgs? Will changing environmental conditions on Earth force us to inhabit new planets?

How do we react to threats posed to social and democratic gains, what new thinking spaces – Distant Skies – are required if we are to develop new concepts for social coexistence?

“Artworks detach themselves from the empirical world and bring forth another world, one opposed to the empirical world as if this other world too were an autonomous entity.” [T. W. Adorno]

  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_In-Flight1_Kathy-Hinde_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Lara-Baumgartner
  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_In-Flight2_Kathy-Hinde_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Lara-Baumgartner
  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_In-Flight3_Kathy-Hinde_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Lara-Baumgartner
  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_In-Flight1_Kathy-Hinde_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Martin-Gross