Phase Transition

(c) esc mkl_Phase Transition_by Kathy Hinde_Distant Skies:Pressure Waves

The sculptural sound installation blends the natural noise of dripping water with artificial, metallic sounds. Light sources whose intensity is determined by the interpretation of data on climate change are used to make ice cubes melt. The sound of the dripping water echoes around the collecting vessels and blends with the metallic sounds – pressed onto vinyl – of custom-made record players whose turntables spin slower or faster according to the melting rate, so creating floating or pulsating tones at low frequencies. The exhibition space is flooded with sound waves: these flow, rise and ebb like water, in patterns that cannot be predicted.


Software by Matthew Olden; consulting scientists: Professor Peter Nienow and Dr. Dann Mitchell. / Commissioned by the Cryptic Artists’ Association for Sonica 2017

  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_Phase-Transition2_Kathy-Hinde_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Lara-Baumgartner
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