Scenes of Collaboration

Friday, 7. June 2019 - 18:00


03/05/2019 to 23/08/2019
[esc] medien kunst labor
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Scenes of Collaboration - a discussion with the queerfeminist artist and sociologist Daniela Jauk about digital collaboration and posthuman global kinship building


Daniela Jauk: “When we talk col_LABOR_ration in digital space its is also interesting to look at aspects of emotional LABOR that can be done in digital spaces that have become so important instrument for empowerment and gender and sexualities movement building in recent decades (think: global transgender movement, #metoo, etc). Individual and collective relationships are formed and developed in digital space that transcend rigid, heteronormative forms of a nuclear family structures and allow for the formation of collaborative kinship across geographic boundaries that may also take political shape. Donna Harraway has consistently pointed to the appreciation and respect of living forms beyond humans and has challenged us to "make kin, not babies" in an overpopulated world where a lot of species are threatened."


Daniela Jauk engages with Reni Hofmüller and guests in a debate about Donna Haraway’s points of view about connections and intersections of digital collaboration and posthuman global kinship building.





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Konzept: Ilse Weber; String Concatenation: Christian Bader, Nayarí Castillo, Reni Hofmüller, Felicitas Pilz, Ilse Weber, Christopher Wruss