Speculative Capital - Discussion (In English)

Speculative Capital @esc medien kunst labor, Graz, 2017
Tuesday, 7. March 2017 - 19:00 to 21:00
[esc] medien kunst labor
  • Diskussion
Machines are outing us. As some time ago happened to horses after the invention of the steam engine, humans are becoming obsolete to perform manual labor, soon, with the advance of artificial intelligence, it will also affect our possibilities to be useful workers performing intellectual labor.
The Institute of Human Obsolescence with Manuel Beltrán and René Mahieu, together with Reni Hofmüller (esc medien kunst labor) host a discussion session about key points of our research into exploring the dynamics emerging from the development of technology and capitalism in the context of Human Obsolescence, join us this evening at 19:00 in esc medien kunst labor

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