Feminist Servers of the Internet

Networked Video


Saturday, 24. September 2016 - 14:30


24/09/2016 to 18/11/2016
© Nancy Mauro-Flude_feminist_servers

Feminist Servers of the Internet (privacy: a feminist perspective)

a networked series of videos of toilet doors opening and closing, hosted on different feminist run servers and jumping from one server to the next as you watch the URL. Each of the videos in this animation is hosted on a different server. The animation exists nowhere in its entirety and can only be seen online.

Nancy Mauro-flude asked a cohort of feminist hackers to film themselves opening our toilet doors and uploaded the videos for her to create the piece. Using the toilet as metaphor to think about why want privacy is important, the Feminist Servers of the Internet foregrounds our deeply intertwined relationship with technology, the ephemeral conditions of a network and our embodied position within it. Drawing up on the "toilet effect" - the illusion of privacy that is created in public toilets. Toilets are so-called private spaces, however they are built with flimsy walls, you can lie on the floor and look up into the next stall/booth, and you can hear everything going on. Rustle of clothes, wind and bodily functions. It's a bit like the internet - we have an illusion of privacy when in fact it is potentially a very public space. Feminist server stack, toilet doors opening and closing around the world.


Thank you:
Sophia Lycourious, Penny Travlou, Helen Varley Jamieson, Sara Platon,
Cornelia Sollfrank, Donna Metzlar, Reni Hofmüller, Linda Dement, Peter Westenberg,
Anne Roth, Spideralex, Rosa Menkman, Audrey Samson

Premiered at Transmediale 2015
Feminist sys-admins who also acted in solidarity
  • Foto: Alexandra Gschiel, © esc medien kunst labor
  • Foto: Alexandra Gschiel, © esc medien kunst labor