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Saturday, 26. September 2015 - 12:00


26/09/2015 to 27/11/2015



In his installation, Fränk Zimmer uses two completely different storage media to examine questions of long-term archiving. Two of the most important cultural data carriers of the last 50 years – the analogue tape and the virtual WorldWideWeb – meet here.


In this context, Zimmer arranges his installation as an “experiment” that is only activated when it is used by the visitors. The use of the tape as memory simultaneously results in its gradual erasure, because a process of destruction is activated whenever the tape moves. Both the carrier material (the tape itself) and the information saved on it are deconstructed and made audible: audio-artefacts are produced. In addition the visitors are asked to document this process by archiving selective image information of it in the virtual storage of the WorldWideWeb. The length of time this installation is used for in return determines the lifetime of the image information, that is, the content that is available on the web.  


What remains is a coproduction of esc media art laboratory, kunst@werk and steirischer herbst