One Step Revolution


Saturday, 24. September 2016 - 14:30


24/09/2016 to 18/11/2016
© Stefanie Wuschitz_One step Revolution

How to make a revolution in just one step:

These drawings introduce all necessary tools for starting a one-step-revolution, e.g. by initiating a soil based economy with child centered politics and space based communities. These illustrations by Stefanie Wuschitz are a manual to a one-step-revolution. It introduces all necessary ingredients for starting a revolution in just one step. The ingredients consist of:
  • a. enough time
  • b. self reflection
  • c. perma culture
  • d. sexual healing
  • e. autonomy
  • f. tech literacy
  • g. a caring clan

Derived from several different Indonesian models of co-living and co-working Stefanie Wuschitz has compressed her favorite solutions to a playful, but compact graphical manifesto.

*The revolution will not be streamed.*
  • Foto: Alexandra Gschiel, © esc medien kunst labor