(c) esc mkl_Palimpsest_by Kathy Hinde_Distant Skies:Pressure Waves

In Kathy Hinde and Daniel Skoglund’s sound installation, spider-like robots generate sounds and noises that condense into a composition.

Kathy Hinde draws inspiration from behaviour patterns and phenomena found in nature, creating generative works that combine artificial intelligence with human/animal intuition. Daniel Skoglund develops systems and devices with which he can transfer and explore his everyday observations on an abstract level. In this project the two artists bring together their common interests as well as their fascination with random and open-ended processes. Just as living things can gradually adapt to their environment, Kathy Hinde and Daniel Skoglund’s “open scores” also shape, influence and change their music and art. In Palimpsest, they draw live on a canvas laid out on the floor. As mechanical graphite sequencers, spider-like robots sense the pencil strokes and produce feedback loops, so that these drawings are transformed into sounds. The resulting sound impulses in turn influence and control the parameters of the video projections. Drawings, sounds and projections are overlaid layer by layer like a palimpsest, a manuscript from which the original text has been scraped away and overwritten, yet which still bears traces of the old writing. Since the audiovisual event and the act of drawing mutually influence each other and a feedback loop is produced, the audience experience a performance in which the boundaries between actual drawing, video projection and music gradually blur.

Palimpsest will also be presented as part of ORF musikprotokoll in a concert performance.

  • Distant-Skies:-Pressure-Waves_Palimpsest_K.Hinde_D.Skoglund_@_esc_medien-kunst-labor_©_Foto:_Martin-Gross
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