Friday, 13. May 2022 - 17:00


13/05/2022 to 29/07/2022

Typical vocal avatars, like Siri, do not exhibit speech defects such as stuttering or slipping of the tongue. They don't get laryngitis, toothaches, or social anxiety. They almost always resemble impossibly able-bodied members of society, with limited representations of age, race, physical ability, or neurodiversity.

Wet Signal Voice Gardens is an online landscape built to explore voice, its differences, and its place in the online world. Within the "garden," audience members are invited to speak into the microphone built into their laptops or smartphones. The audience's contribution is recorded and the recording is transformed into a visual avatar whose shape and characteristics are determined by the properties of the voice, such as pitch, length and nuance, and volume. Wet Signal Voice Gardens relies on various audio properties to subvert, rather than reproduce, established power relations.


Programming: Luke Murphy, Cristina Cochior