[esc] medien kunst labor: goes Brüssel

Verbindingen / Jonctions 14 - A feminist review of experimental server technologies


12/12/2013 bis 15/12/2013
2013_Verbindingen / Jonctions 14 - A feminist review of experimental server technologies

esc medien kunst labor nimmt an der Konferenz /Verbindingen / Jonctions 14 - A feminist review of experimental server technologies in Brüssel vom 12. - 15.12.2013 teil. Constant arbeitet zwischen den Medien und Kunst und interessiert sich für die Kultur und Ethik des **World Wide Web.

Are you being served? verbindingen http://vj14.constantvzw.org/ The fourtheenth edition of Verbindingen/Jonctions by Constant, from 12th till 15th December in Brussels, is dedicated to a feminist review of mesh- cloud- autonomous- and D.I.Y. servers. Welcome to four intense meetingdays mixing lectures, screenings, performances, discussions and workshops. To stay connected across multiple devices, we have come to expect unlimited access, provided by companies that traffic large amounts of data as a result. The necessary infrastructure that is put in place effects our understanding of place, both virtually and physically and it has become increasingly difficult to be intimate with the technologies that we feel familiar with. We started to wonder about what would make current networking technologies into hospitable habitats for critique, as space for artists and solidarity, teaching and learning. What does it mean to serve and to host? What should server technology of today be about? How to re-appropriate networks for creative experiment? How to invert, detour, parasite and deflate web 3.0 notions of 'service'? Join fellow geek-artists, techno-fanatics, queer theoreticians and phone flashers and brainstorm with us! With amongst others: Reni Hofmueller, Domaine Public, !mediengruppe BITNIK, Maria Guggenbichler, Paul Otlet, Aymeric Mansoux, the Amazing Service Providing Robot and many others.