TIK - Windtime Radio Meeting, Kosovo


10/05/2011 bis 13/05/2011

Based on the idea of building wind clocks, we propose to build up an online streaming radio station, that is following the times of the wind clocks. We will determine own parameters and own time units, in which we are going to move throughout the project. http://timeinventorskabinet.org/wiki/doku.php/radio

Our interest came from the fact, that within the sphere of media, time is a very important factor - whether we talk about music and it's beat, or if we talk about scheduled media broadcasts. Within TIK we will schedule a radiobroadcast according to different parameters than the usual (gregorian) date and time. 
What does that mean to radio producers and to listeners? What new devices do we have to invent in order to realize a completely new time area, in that we are moving outside of the well known 24 hour clock related to a time zone, related to a country, related to a calendar? 
COL-ME realizes an (online)radio station with an own time, calendar and timezone, determined by windclocks. So we can relate the timezones according to other areas, that we can define in whatever way we want - political - default - random - algorithmic - non-algorithmic - mystical - practical……

The experimental setup includes a few groups willing to produce radio shows over a defined period of time. Each group is making a defined amount of shows at defined wind clock times. As these times are unpredictable, a radio show could happen at 4 in the morning, or at 2 in the afternoon – basically any time. When the wind clock strikes, the radio show has to go on-air resp. on-line – and that in a complete live setup. 
Each group is using the wind clock of another place, in order to prevent time sabotage (blowing to speed it up or to block it with something in order to slow it down or stop it completely). 
In case two (or more) groups happen to have show at the same time, they have to work together and create one show (or the inter-lapping time pieces) together.

We can add different local parameters to define the wind clock time to change it every time and make the whole set up more and more complex as time goes by to create a situation, where nobody knows anymore at which time which group is supposed to make radio show. When nobody knows anymore, at which time they should do what we either create white noize, or the same (or opposite): nothing. 
Both are death to capitalism as the production will be zero, or there is so much over production, that it will not be heard (= consumed) anymore. With zero listeners and zero outreach we have reached our aim - to blow meaning, time and beingness into nothingness - into one thing: the big noize.

Open question (raised by Kruno): is it really neccesary to have the windtime starting the stream?

Addtional options:
Producing TIKradio and content based shows on TIK issues (still experimental, artistic etc) that can be broadcasted by other radio stations in Europe and beyond, i.e. by the stations that are part of the radia art radio network.