a guest production at esc mkl


06/02/2019 bis 09/02/2019


Tuesday to Friday

2 pm - 7pm

and by arrangement


Dienstag, 5. Februar 2019 - 18:00



In the digital cosmos, a girl builds a better, a perfect world. But if the world is suddenly all perfect, am I too? How do I fit in there? Performing, adapting, being on display - I have to be likeable, I have to be perfect!

If you play on a computer, then you are somewhere else for a while. You can be anything and everyone. You can conquer new worlds, build a city without cars but with thirty playgrounds and at least a hundred ice cream shops. Of course there is a school as well, but class starts later and ends earlier. You can do magic tricks and when it gets dark, you can just beam yourself home. You have your own room, but you are never alone. And you can wear everything you want. You can be older and bigger. You can skip any cliff and swim through any river. You can fly with kites and find a treasure ...

Intertopia is a piece about dealing with media, and its respective opportunities and dangers. A piece on the subjects of perfection and meritocracy. About growing up in an ever faster, digital world.



Tuesday, 05.02.2019, at 6 pm


Wednesday, 06.02.2019, 9 & 11 am

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