Adina Camhy

lives in Graz and Vienna. She studied architecture at the TU Graz and the UPV València (ES) and finishes her Master in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

She is interested in an artistic-scientific exploration of questions regarding space, representation, the political and the social. She works with sound, video, performance, installation and printing. She is involved in collaborative projects investigating built city spaces and social processes (Grazrand, 2020; Wolke, 2019). Her electro-acoustic compositions and improvisations find their expression in performances (Pontifex, 2017), audioplays and audio walks (Steingeschichten, 2019; Grenzlandgalerie/Galerija Na Meji, 2018), short films (How To Disappear, 2020), as part of the duo Nona Grant and in various different constellations. Her short film "Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together" (2019) is shown nationally and internationally. In 2017 she received the art sponsorship award of the city of Graz.

  • architect, media artist, musician