Feminist AI

building equity into intelligent products


Samstag, 26. September 2020 - 12:00


24/09/2020 bis 11/12/2020
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In her PhD, Linda Kronman is investigating how machine vision is represented in digital art. Several contemporary artworks and exhibitions are dedicated to expose how values are hard-coded into AI systems. Artist and art collectives are also reimagining AI technologies through a feminist lens. Feminist AI has been proposed to be a form of protest, pushing for change in the ways AI is designed and deployed in the future. This presentation brings forth some answers to why it is urgent to rethink the way AI technologies are designed. Moreover she discusses how feminist concepts such as ‘intersectionality’ and ‘situated knowledge’ are applied to build equity into AI technologies. Whereas training data is a fundamental part of AI, also feminist data practices play an important role in building feminist AI. With examples she shows how applying feminist thought into every phase of AI design provides methods and tools for developers to address many of the technical and societal challenges AI is currently faced with.

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