Homunculus Box

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The homunculus lives in a retort, an artificially created creature that emerges from semen and rotten horse dung. Its transparency indicates that it has not quite been born, it is in an intermediate area, waiting to manifest itself and come out of the retort. The homunculus dreams of the future. In his dreams, images overlap with utopias, possibilities and potentialities. For Homunculus, there is no difference between the possible and the real. Everything that can be is. The installation is reminiscent of a "retort" for the production of artificial humans (Homunculi). But instead of Homunculi, there are two superimposed displays in the retort, showing two different generative videos. The videos are on the one hand fed by historical utopian films, on the other hand from current material for the mechanization of human reproduction. Corresponding superimpositions should also result from the soundtracks. The AI, whose avatar appears to be the homunculus, is responding to the movement of visitors, following them and learning to react on them.