Nadiia Golubtsova

My name is Nadiia and I’m 27 years old, 22 of which I do art. For me, art is an exploration of the external and internal world. An observation of feelings, states and thoughts.

5 y.o. — I went to an acting studio and studied there for 10 years.

19 y.o. — joined

22 y.o. — joined the Center of Contemporary Arts «Dakh» as a theater actress.

24 y.o. — co-founded «Dakh Acting School».

25 y.o. — performer at Mariia&Magdalyna project, which combines theater, electronic music and texts from fiction literature and the Bible.

27 y.o. — «human?..» play by Mariia&Magdalyna featuring krkrk, created during the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.