Lans King

Lans King is an interdisciplinary artist. His ongoing project, “The Hyperreality Show”, blurs the lines between real & virtual, analog & digital, humanity & technology, abstraction & figuration. His interconnected ecosystem of works include paintings, videos, installations, sculptures, digital/NFT, and signature painting-video/NFT hybrids. Lans has become known for his artwork NETWOrk OF SELF, 2019 - Ongoing, for which he implanted an NFC microchip capsule in his hand. The microchip is the key element of this conceptual artwork. Stored on the microchip capsule is a cryptographic code that represents a registry of the artist-self. Born in Saint Vincent (British Antilles), Lans King was raised and educated in New York, US. His studies in Cognitive Science focused on artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction. previously, He worked in the digital and communication sectors whilst developing his art practice in parallel. Lans currently lives and works between London and Paris.