Doku The Self


17/03/2023 to 07/05/2023


Tue – Fri, 2 – 5 pm

and by appointment. Free entrance


Doku The Self is also visible from the outside of esc medien kunst labor. Detailed information can be accessed via QR Code at all times.


Friday, 17. March 2023 - 18:00


Avatar Hungry Ghost aus Lu Yang Doku The Self
Died in the dream, and woke up to the reality
I am the person in my dream, and I am also the person who had the dream 

Doku, Yang’s digital avatar who stars in the film, is short for the Japanese ‘Dokusho Dokushi’, a Buddhist saying that translates to ‘we will die alone, and we are born alone’. The theme of continuous birth and death plays out over 36 minutes of intricately designed digital realms representing 6 of Yang’s reincarnated selves.

Debuting at the Venice Biennale 2022, Doku The Self is a narrative artwork based on autobiographical experience. After experiencing an extremely turbulent plane journey, Yang has created virtual scenes featuring an aircraft flying through thunderstorms. The artist visualises Doku transforming into various alter egos based on the six realms of samsara, which in Buddhism and Hinduism refers to the continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Using motion capture to animate each character with relatable emotion and traditional dance moves, Yang’s super hero-like characters embody a range of existential human feelings – from terrified, to vengeful, to vulnerable and ultimately letting it all go.

Avatar Doku Human aus Lu Yang Doku The SelfAvatar Doku Hungry Ghost aus Lu Yang Doku The Self