Performing Camouflage

Wednesday, 22. June 2016 - 18:00 to 21:30
[esc] medien kunst labor
  • Performance

Based on an choreography by the performance-artist Veza María Fernández, that can be seen as a guide to become invisible, the DRC collectively tries to disappear.


Performing Camouflage produces a deep state of relaxation and oneiric or dreamy perception by text/poetry, words, dance and meditation. It is a ritual, that believes in the political and revolutionary force of redefinition of words, meaning and notions. You do not understand everything. If you would understand everything, then you can not imagine anything more, then camouflage is no longer possible.


Here some texts Veza Maria Fernandez has read this evening:


Let ́s close our eyes and become a chameleon. Let ́s become one one one like a one who is not one. What form is an I which is an us which can have all forms contain all colors sexes tastes hair background etcetera. Tell me maybe it is a zero not a one if the zero is a mere invention or just nothing it is the invention of potential of possibilities. Let ́s take the zero as the transparent forever u and me


Probably my email is not the best thing for you right now, but you know me, I am really bad at not saying or writing or leaving things unspoken waving around. Maybe I also need to write these words to not feel lonely (or a loser) with my thoughts and be able to little by little erase any kind of hope. I always knew you would never feel for me the way I did. Or that I was probably not the person meant to be at your side. Or that we had a terrible timing. Or that I lost complete control over my life and this made me do say things which were not always right. Anyhow, I always will care about you and also want the best of bests for you and love is mostly the best for a person. I don ́t regret any single moment, any single tear I let fall with or because of you because without all what you made me feel, I would not be where I am now. I think every single word I have written since I met you, every single dance is about that love I feel for you. Kind of uncontrolled, obsessive and so virtual. I am scared not to feel something like that again. But uniqueness is precious as nothing and the price of uniqueness is that it is only one.


watery eye watery mouth
behind my eye cave

my water eye sweat is about to burst

burst into nothing you tell me about nothingness

the empire of nonsensical uncorrelated

unspecific unease

very predictable something

swallow it all come on do it all

So if uniqueness is only one we like the one of the experience but the zero of the possibilities


Let ́s do an exercise, if you could camouflage in what would you turn
Why would you camouflaged
We will start with our hand


"This performance has been created in a corner of the esc media art laboratory. We are all sitting. We closed a few times our eyes. Veza has danced a bit and then we all touched Camouflage with our hands. You don't have to understand always everything. " (Veza Maria Fernandez)


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