Absolute Value of Noise Peter Courtemanche

sound artist from Vancouver. He creates radio, installations, network projects, performances, curatorial projects, and handmade CD editions. He likes to work outdoors with gadgetry, low-level software, rain, wind, and solar-power. Radio installation works include: "Divining for Lost Sound"(1996-99) - an outdoor work created in collaboration with Lori Weidenhammer; "Spark-Writing" (2004) - a sound piece that plays with ideas of fantastical musical instruments; "Preying Insect Robots" (2006) - six hand-sized robots that are active in a variety of performance and installation spaces; "Poison Mentor" (2009) - a sonic mushroom that measures radiation; "The Silent Speaker" (2010) - a piece that plays with the idea of time and the cycle of life moving backwards; "Bio-electric Radio" (2016) - a piece that merges the sounds of bees with noises from bio-electric circuits and a vine-antenna transmitter; and "Solar Radio" (2019) - a self sustaining artificial intelligence that is powered by the sun.

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