Strange Party Orchestra

Strange Party Orchestra has more than a hundred of compositions played live in most of Europe, 11 CD releases, soundtracks and compositions for film, TV and theatres, not to mention the STATE OF ART project with artist Kristian Von Hornsleth including soundscape and painting; the corporation with Ukraine art photographer Anna Kazanova including soundscapes and art photography, visited by more than 17.000 people in Europe and PLACEMENT, a sound art installation commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary art in Denmark. A-rhythmic, disharmony and disintegration of the music. It is the starting point Strange Party Orchestra uses to create new rhythmic and tonal structures in a sometimes frantic, sometimes quietly lingering pace. The beautiful becomes ugly and then appears in a new beautiful form. As composers Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers use different sounds of places, recorded by themselves all over the world.
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