The Left Hand


The Left Hand is an interactive kinetic installation, in which a bionic robot hand interacts with passers-by and tries to get more of their attention, using motorized gestures, knocking the window and asking for signs of attention. Playing with various finger moves of the robotic hand Nick Acorne creates a new visual composition. Being a piano player himself, Nick is always in a certain way afraid of damaging his hands, as one of the main tools needed for playing musical instruments. The left hand installation can be also seen as an outcome of such fears, as well as also partly being a self reflection of his personal left hand damage, while playing tennis.


All the installation was programmed in pure data and arduino ide softwares. For the interaction part of this installation Nick Acorne uses the same tracking data, which he and his colleague from Ninja Guru Studio Valerio Zanini use for creating their installation Data Safe. In the Left Hand installation, in comparison to the Data Safe, he transfers the tracking data from passers-by into motion and creates an authentic kind of interaction.

  • Nick-Acorne-mit-seiner-Arbeit-The-Left-Hand-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor
  • Robotische-Hand-und-Synthesizer-The-Left-Hand-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor
  • Robotische-Hand-und-Synthesizer-The-Left-Hand-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor
  • Robotische-Hand-und-Synthesizer-The-Left-Hand-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor
  • Detail-robotische-Hand-vor-Synthesizer-The-Left-Hand-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor
  • The-Left-Hand-von-Künstler-Nick-Acorne-Foto-Martin-Gross-©escmedienkunstlabor