Fenster 11 - Art Piece 11: Concha Jerez, 155h4'33''

2.044 SPACES OF 4'33''


Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2020 - 0:00


01/12/2020 bis 24/12/2020


Der Eingang, die Stiege, die Ausstellungsbereiche, die angrenzenden Räume: Concha Jerez taucht in die Strukturen der vorhandenen, durch Gewöhnung fast immateriell gewordenen Räume ein, vertieft sich in das, was gegeben ist. Der Ort und seine Geräusche werden zum künstlerischen Werk: Und das, was sich aus der Wahrnehmung verflüchtigt hat, gewinnt seine Präsenz zurück. Die verlorene Zeit wird erfahrbar.


Concha Jerez:

"In his 4' 33", John Cage opened a quiet time for sound, any sound, could live in it musically.

In my work 155H 4 '33'' (2,044 spaces of 4' 33''), that will be made as a site specific work for esc medien kunst labor, that caginian module of 4' 33'' is used as a temporal frame to stage an experience of time and space that includes the spectator as an essential part of it.

The French philosopher Michel Foucault pointed out that, in the so-called "relationships of locations", "time appears subordinate to the problem of space as a possible factor of the elements that are distributed in it." In my work, sounds are submitted to measurement of a spatial experience, which brings us to the time when that experience takes place, which is the one of the spectator. The sound material is verbal: numbers, ambiguous words, being these ones also part of the visual elements, which closed self-referential representation that, due to its esenciality, refers to a certain set of mirrors that catches the visitor in its movement.

I take the module of 4' 33'' to set bounds, at a sound and visual level, to all that will happen in esc mkl along 155H 4' 33'', the time in which will be exhibited the work.
If we divide the whole time of exhibition between 4' 33", we will have 2.044 intervals of 4' 33'' different ones from the others and, therefore, unique, in which esc mkl will become a big stage in what there will take place continuously such events. In them, visitors stop being spectators and become interpreters of the work with their movements into the space and with the sounds that they will produce in it.

While the Cage's 4' 33'' focused on the non-musical sounds that happened unexpectedly on a precise time, the work 155H 4' 33'' enlarges the strict view of such sounds by placing them as part of a scene that occupies the entire space of esc mkl and in which are also integrated spatial paths that make visitors / interpreters. Thus the content of the work not only focuses on the time through the sounds that occur in it, but in 155H 4 '33' are integrated the time of the space and the space of time.
Time of the space will be marked by slight boundary marks made after an action of paths in which audio and video recordings were made. There will be Interventions with as visual statements of different concepts of time.
The space of time will be marked by organized sound recordings through a temporary structure that states different seconds and minutes that will pass in each one of the modules of 4' 33'' and that have the function of bar lines of the different sounds that will take place in esc mkl."


Zum Projekt: 155h4'33

Zum Adventkalender: Adventkalender 2020

Foto: Concha Jerez, Eröffnungsperformance, steirischer herbst 2010