Short Radio Night

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015 - 23:10 bis Freitag, 26. Juni 2015 - 5:09
[esc] medien kunst labor
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Don't try to talk of snow on hot summer days; don't talk of night in broad daylight.


Angehende KulturanthropologInnen on Air - In der Nacht vom 25. auf den 26. Juni 2015 im esc medien kunst labor und auf Radio Helsinki.

Short Radio Night has originally been planned as the nocturnal project presentation block of the seminar “Night – A cultural analysis” at the Department for Cultural Anthropology of the University of Graz. A similar night presentation block has been held early the same year at University of Vienna with the methodology course “Urban Nightscapes”. Both courses deal with working day nights.

Course language is English, since Graz University encourages to receive exchange students. Actually this course in multilingual and reflects a linguistically mobile and lifeworld-oriented academic environment. Therefore, broadcasting languages are German and English, with occasional French and Finnish readings. Presenting seminar projects not just to a teacher or to peers, but to an invisible radio audience will enhance the relevance of the students' work and hone their communication skills.

The place, esc medien kunst labor in the very town centre, contributes to openness during a peripheral daytime. The Short Radio Night is the last event it its programme Iterations

Topics and Schedule:
The times mentioned are approximate.

##8-13, 23:10 – 24:52h
- Moke Klengel: m punkt klengele
- Justin Winkler: Introduction. Night between social reality and aesthetic exoticism
- Birgit Polzer and Hannah Mautner: Transiting into dawn. Lefebvre's window at Gärtnergasse

#14-18, 24:52 – 02:01h
- Karina Stefan: Gendered nightspaces (interviewed by Ruth Eggel)
- Paola Mecollari: Schlossberg nights

#19-22, 02:01 – 03:09h
- Isabella Schmidsberger: Welcome loneliness. Deep night student workers.
- Amy Sparling: Students' nights according to the Vienna and Graz night surveys

#23-26, 03:09 – 04:17h
- Johanna Menhard: Segmented sleep, a self-experiment.
- Alexandra Hoffmann: Night train addiction

#27-29, 04:17 – 05:09h
- Birgit Polzer and Hannah Mautner: Transiting into dawn. From the window at Gärtnergasse

Presentations are partly delivered as dialogues between course participants. Depending on the progress of single project, interview partners are invited to join us on air. Participants of a parallel seminar have been invited to join us. Passers-by or colleagues are welcomed to join the seminar community in the premises of esc. Additionally pre-recorded quotes are played; intervals are filled by sound recordings by Reni and Justin.

Zum Projekt: 


Ruth Eggel, Alexandra Hoffmann, Reni Hofmüller, Hannah Mautner, Paola Mecollari, Johanna Menhard, Birgit Polzer, Isabella Schmidsberger, Amy Sparling, Karina Stefan, Justin Winkler# Additional people are involved in pre-productions, but not present during the night.


Institut für Kulturanthropologie Graz, Radio Helsinki