esc medien kunst labor Techno-Disobedience
Montag, 23. Oktober 2023 - 10:00 bis Freitag, 27. Oktober 2023 - 20:00


23/10/2023 bis 28/10/2023
[esc] medien kunst labor
  • Worklab

This worksession zooms in on disobedient tactics as means for finding new pathways to circumvent, question, detour and resist the social and political expectations that come with the authoritarian turbo-capitalist frameworks of Big Tech. We seek to reclaim technology in various ways, as we recognise this push to be about labour, care, anti-racism, queer life and trans*feminist techno-politics.

This session proposes a focus on forms of collective care in face of technological dispossession: as corporate platforms expand their re-organisation of everything as-a-service, the domains of care and reproductive labour are threatened crucial areas which need active involvement to keep complexity at work and resist harmful disruption.

We want to try joyful abolitionary tactics and methodologies that allow us:

  • ... to collectively learn how to process, heal, discuss, deal with the complexities of being ’together’, to care for, those we know and those we do not know.
  • ... to connect to precarious works of feeding and providing for others.
  • ... to be dreaming of doing away with structural oppression and violence.

We will look at multiple ways of doing, testing, trying: slowing down, jamming, reversing, future-speculating, feminist manoeuvres, joy and killjoy, being lazy and inefficient, nonsensical approaches, ’good enough’ tech, (k)notworkings and many others we don’t know of yet.

Open House: Fr, 27.10.2023, 7 - 9pm

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